Mini sessions are among my favourites to shoot, children can be so funny and capturing those hilarious moments are my favourite!

May - Spring

This one is always a favourite, grass is growing, flowers are blooming and the kids are excited to get outside again. 

What to wear: bright colours will be best, if the forecast looks like rain, bring along those rubber boots and rain coats.

June - Schools out!

The kids, they cant wait. The parents, well thats another story. we'll have a blast outside celebrating the end of the school year. 

What to wear:

July - Best Friends

Some of the best moments during the summer are spent with your best friends. for this one it can be your best classmate or even your furry buddy!

What to wear:

August - Watermelon

Nothing better then a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day. 

What to wear: any summer time outfit is ok, just be ok with an outfit that might get a little dirty, watermelon can be messy. 

September - Back to school

Parents rejoice! the kids are headed back to school! We'll snap some photos in those brand new outfits for the 1st day and if a parent is in the background cheering with a glass of wine, we'll capture that too!

What to wear: That favourite back to school outfit