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About the photographer

Since the day I was born in Southern Ontario, I’ve always had a passion for photography.  From an early age, I would borrow my sister’s camera, snapping photos of anything and everything.  You know the feeling you have as a child on Christmas Eve, lying in bed, trying to sleep, waiting for your presents in the morning?  That was me, every night, when my film would be available for pick up the next day.

My passion continued in college when I would find myself in a dark room on a Friday night, developing my pictures, aspiring to capture special moments and unique angles.  Hoping to create art.  Experimenting, failing, succeeding, learning.

The turn of the century evolved the photography world into the digital realm — this has shaped my passion into what I do today: portrait photography. Capturing emotions, freezing time, and creating memories that can be remembered in a physical form.